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The exhibition will be held at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum. HNF is not only the world's largest computer museum but also a modern conference centre. The permanent exhibition depicts the history of information technology in a journey through time spanning five millennia, from the origins of numbers and characters right up to the 21st century. Visitors will find hightech exhibits waiting to be tried and tested. New worlds of experience such as robotics, artificial intelligence and mobile communications demonstrate the state of the art in present-day research. In addition to the hands-on experience offered in the permanent exhibition, around 700 annual events impart media competence and intellectual orientation in the information age.
This is the objective pursued by HNF, which is dedicated to Heinz Nixdorf, who died in 1986. An outstanding computer pioneer and social and innovative entrepreneur, Nixdorf strove to use information technology to further the causes of humanity. The Stiftung Westfalen foundation he set up has incorporated his collection in this innovative museum and expanded in keeping with the times.
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